Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Very hot pants...

They’re not the sexiest of knickers.  Oooh, no.  
     But in every way, these are the hottest pants around:  a staggering 275,000 pairs were sold in just the first five months.  And their Facebook page (click here) got 21,000 hits in a week after Hotpants’ new designs were launched.
     The secret:  worn for a workout, they up your body temperature, increase perspiration and – apparently – make you burn more calories, as a result.  (The equivalent of a 60-minute workout in 30 minutes, so we're told.)  We sort of think of them as FitFlops for the bum.
     But Hotpants aren’t just for the gym, or your half-marathon training:  they recommend wearing them around the house.  Under your clothes.  For doing the chores.
     Lose weight while you dust, sweep and clean the windows...?  
     Now that is sexy.
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