Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Foundation for foundation-phobes

Anne Carrullo is a beauty genius.
     Annie used to be the driving force behind the late-lamented Prescriptives brand - but is now Senior Vice-President of Global Product Development at Estée Lauder.
     So, what's the big deal?
     In a word, this.  Because Invisible Fluid Makeup was created after Lauder organised a series of 'Foundation Sensoriums', which revealed that countless real women had issues with foundation.  Mostly, that it felt 'heavy', claggy - skin-suffocating, even.  So what these women were looking for was 'clean', 'fresh', ultra-thin' and 'ultra-fluid'.
     Now, our Annie likes a challenge.  (BTW:  she could have a great career in stand-up, if beauty ever went pear-shaped on her.  Which it won't.)
     So, while we rarely focus on products on our Beauty Bible blog - that's what our website and our books are for - we do believe in sharing technological innovations, and this is a whole new concept:  an 'air emulsion'.  You have to shake it vigorously before use, to mix the pigments, and the complexion-perfecting light-reflective elements - but the result really is weightless, as well as luminous.
     They call it ''Feel No Makeup' - and take it from us, that's not just beauty hype.   
     Invisible Fluid Makeup makes its global - yes, global - debut at John Lewis right now.
     And we predict it's about to shake up the foundation world.