Thursday, 2 February 2012

Did you know it's Repair Your Hair Day...?

Well, you do now.
     Apparently, research by Charles Worthington shows that on this particular day, there's a 35% rise in hair treatments sold, compared to any other in the year.
     At Beauty Bible, we have theories about this.
     First:  it's just been payday, and we can at last splash out on an 'affordable luxury'.     
     Second: if you're anything like us, whacking up the central heating to cope with this cold snap is taking its toll on your poor barnet.
     And last but not least:  Valentine's Day isn't far off, and that definitely better be a Good Hair Day, no...?
     So:  to celebrate Repair Your Hair day, a photo of lovely Charles Worthington himself, when he welcomed us into his glorious home in Chelsea to launch his Salon at Home range - including Strength & Repair Hair Kit:  a miracle-working three-step treatment which truly does turn dross into gloss, hair-wise.
     When it comes to hair repairs, he's quite some Mr. Fixit.