Thursday, 23 February 2012

Chantecaille's Reef Encounter

We've always applauded beauty companies that give back.
     And no, we're not cynical when brands do this.  Even in a small way. We share Big Chief Sitting Bull's philosophy (OK, so this is a bit deep for a couple of beauty editors, but here goes):  'We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors;  we borrow it from our children'.
     And the same applies to the oceans, of course.
     So:  good for Chantecaille for partnering with the Marine Conservation Institute, to help protect coral reefs - at risk due to pollution, over-fishing, global warming.
     The fund-raiser comes in the form of an exquisite Coral Reefs Palette, featuring perfect-for-now shades of shadow (and a pretty coral pink blusher).  It's a splurge, rather than a steal (at £73) - but to us, the 5% donation is still a beautiful gesture.
     And wouldn't it be nice to see the creators of mass-market make-up following Chantecaille's lead...?
     If every cosmetics brand did something, the world really would be a more beautiful place.
     So we're throwing down the gauntlet.
     (Or maybe the flipper.)
     Because we want to see our industry do just that.

To read more about the Marine Conservation Institute, click here