Monday, 20 February 2012

Are you a Liz Earle 'insider'...?

Because if you are, from now on, you'll have a new printed Beauty Bulletin landing on your mat - and we rather love it.  (Actually, there's a bit of mutual admiration society action here:  the first edition features The Green Beauty Bible on Page Three.  Which happens to be the first time we've been Page Three girls.)
     There are tips from Liz, a look at borage oil (a skin-boosting miracle botanical), an at-home spa ritual to follow and a report on The Green House:  Liz Earle's eco-HQ, on the Isle of Wight.  (We're especially taken with the fact that the heat from their computer server is used to heat their water...)
     And if a copy hasn't flopped on your doormat yet, don't feel left out:  the bulletin can be viewed on-line here.
     Which for the deepest green Liz Earle insiders, is the most 'eco' way to enjoy it, of course...

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