Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Very hot pants...

They’re not the sexiest of knickers.  Oooh, no.  
     But in every way, these are the hottest pants around:  a staggering 275,000 pairs were sold in just the first five months.  And their Facebook page (click here) got 21,000 hits in a week after Hotpants’ new designs were launched.
     The secret:  worn for a workout, they up your body temperature, increase perspiration and – apparently – make you burn more calories, as a result.  (The equivalent of a 60-minute workout in 30 minutes, so we're told.)  We sort of think of them as FitFlops for the bum.
     But Hotpants aren’t just for the gym, or your half-marathon training:  they recommend wearing them around the house.  Under your clothes.  For doing the chores.
     Lose weight while you dust, sweep and clean the windows...?  
     Now that is sexy.
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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Calvin Klein: third time lucky...?

We have been in this business for a l-o-n-g time.  And sometimes, we feel like we've seen it all before.
     And when it comes to Calvin Klein make-up, we kinda have.
     Jo actually remembers chatting casually to Calvin in the early 80s, when he came over to Brown's fashion boutique to launch his very first make-up collection, in its brick-red packaging.
     Then there was the silver-liveried incarnation, in the 90s.  We had some real favourites, in that range, before it sunk without a trace.  (Or maybe a smudge.)
     But soon, Calvin Klein cosmetics will be back, in its third incarnation (courtesy of Coty):  ckOne, a 130-product line launching globally in March, with an ad. campaign directed by the talented Fabien Baron.
     Here's your preview.  Personally, we can't wait to get our hands on it.  (And put it through its paces, with our Beauty Bible testers.)
     Fashion, fragrance, now faces.
     And fingers firmly crossed, this time.

Monday, 27 February 2012

It's a paraben amnesty...

We get a lot of e-mails from worried beauty-hounds about parabens.
     Beauty Bible's perennial answer is that despite the reams of bad press, the jury's still out about the long-term impact of these preservatives - and that other factors (diet, exercise, bad sunburn etc.) probably have a much bigger impact on individual cancer risk than parabens, in the concentration you'll find them in, in beauty products.
     But still, but still...
     For women who remain concerned, there's a radical promotion going on at Neal's Yard Remedies until Wednesday.  Take in your paraben-preserved products, and you'll get 20% off Neal's Yard's non-paraben products.  Which are also free of GMOs, silicones, synthetic fragrances, phthalates and nano.  (The last two definitely feature on our ingredient-anxiety list.)
     As amnesties go, it may not be up there with guns and knives.
     But if you want to ditch your conventional skincare and go green, this could definitely be your moment.
For your nearest Neal's Yard Remedies store, click here

Friday, 24 February 2012

Mirrors, mirrors, on the wall...

We're often struck (as we do our regular 'Through The Keyhole' into other people's bathrooms) of the decorative importance of symmetry.
     As in this bathroom (which belongs to designer Neisha Crosland, and showed up on the Everything Fabulous blog).
     The twin sconces.
     The pairs of linen towels, draped over matching rails, beneath a double basin.  (How we lust after one of those.)
     The double doors, beckoning us in.  (They're a gorgeous Chinoiserie design, FYI).
     So as the weekend draws nigh, it just remains to say:  hope you find yourself luxuriating somewhere equally gorgeous, in the next 48 hours.
     With love from the two of us.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Chantecaille's Reef Encounter

We've always applauded beauty companies that give back.
     And no, we're not cynical when brands do this.  Even in a small way. We share Big Chief Sitting Bull's philosophy (OK, so this is a bit deep for a couple of beauty editors, but here goes):  'We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors;  we borrow it from our children'.
     And the same applies to the oceans, of course.
     So:  good for Chantecaille for partnering with the Marine Conservation Institute, to help protect coral reefs - at risk due to pollution, over-fishing, global warming.
     The fund-raiser comes in the form of an exquisite Coral Reefs Palette, featuring perfect-for-now shades of shadow (and a pretty coral pink blusher).  It's a splurge, rather than a steal (at £73) - but to us, the 5% donation is still a beautiful gesture.
     And wouldn't it be nice to see the creators of mass-market make-up following Chantecaille's lead...?
     If every cosmetics brand did something, the world really would be a more beautiful place.
     So we're throwing down the gauntlet.
     (Or maybe the flipper.)
     Because we want to see our industry do just that.

To read more about the Marine Conservation Institute, click here


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Our favourite Downton male...

... isn't Lord Grantham.  Or even Mr. Bates.
     Actually, it's our own David Downton, illustrator extraordinaire, who's put pen to paper and conjured up exqusiite images for (almost) every Beauty Bible we've ever written.
     So imagine the rosy glow of pride when Oscar de la Renta's delectable new Live In Love fragrance landed on our desk - featuring this pinktastic David Downton confection on the box.
     We can't remember another illustrator ever having his work showcased in this way.
     So that surely is the sweet smell of success...

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Gel talk from O.P.I.

Beauty Bible had coffee with the glamorous Lena White last week:  nail guru, talon-spotter and the savvy manicurist-turned-businesswoman who introduced OPI nailcare to these shores, 29 years ago.
     Consequently, we are seriously excited about OPI's big news:  gel nails, which literally just launched in their Selfridges salon.
     Not just any old gel nails, mind.  A 'kinder' type that doesn't require acetone baths, for removal.  (That's what's put us off, up till now:  acetone can seriously trash the real nails, underneath.)  Indeed, you can even remove these gels at home, if you choose, rather than traipsing back to your manicurist.
     Though we predict you'll be happy to pay a return visit - after a full three weeks! - and have them done again.  A minute under the UV drier, and you're good to go.  (No more annoying dents or smudges as you wend your way home).
     Add to that a choice of 30 shades (see above - including top-selling classics like shimmery pale pink Princesses Rule and Malaga Wine).
     And we say:  gel manicures...?  Someone finally nailed them.

Find OPI on Twitter if you click here, and on Facebook by clicking here
OPI at Selfridges - call 0207-318 3401

Monday, 20 February 2012

Are you a Liz Earle 'insider'...?

Because if you are, from now on, you'll have a new printed Beauty Bulletin landing on your mat - and we rather love it.  (Actually, there's a bit of mutual admiration society action here:  the first edition features The Green Beauty Bible on Page Three.  Which happens to be the first time we've been Page Three girls.)
     There are tips from Liz, a look at borage oil (a skin-boosting miracle botanical), an at-home spa ritual to follow and a report on The Green House:  Liz Earle's eco-HQ, on the Isle of Wight.  (We're especially taken with the fact that the heat from their computer server is used to heat their water...)
     And if a copy hasn't flopped on your doormat yet, don't feel left out:  the bulletin can be viewed on-line here.
     Which for the deepest green Liz Earle insiders, is the most 'eco' way to enjoy it, of course...

For click here

Friday, 17 February 2012

Double-eau heaven

Now this is somewhere we'd like to find ourselves being pampered, this weekend.
     Preferably for much longer than that, though.
     Goldeneye, on Jamaica's north coast, was home to James Bond creator Ian Fleming, and is where he sat down to write all the Bond books.  (At Beauty Bible, we do love a good James Bond.)
     And we'd say this stunning outdoor bathroom - nestling beneath banana palms - is ideal for lying back beneath bubbles, while reading The Spy Who Loved Me.  
     The hotel's five villas are bookable through Tablet Hotels.  We organise a lot of our own travel through them, as we scour the globe for beauty treasures, innovations and destinations to share with you.  Because they offer rather sexy deals on rather sexy hotels.
     So thanks to Tablet, for opening the door on this tropical bathroom.
     Which would surely shake and stir any lucky bather...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bourjois pops up for London Fashion Week

The fashionistas are as we speak preparing to perch on their gilt chairs for London Fashion Weekend.
     But any self-respecting beauty-hound will be making a bee-line for Beach Blanket Babylon, in Shoreditch, where Bourjois is setting up (pop-up) shop upstairs from 16th - 20th February.
     Think:  up to 65% off retail prices for their bestselling make-up lines.
     Think:  limited edition exclusives.
     Think:  a team of make-up pros on hand, for makeovers.
     Think:  complimentary hairstyling and nail art.
     Think:  the possibility of a personal sketch by fashion illustrator Zarina Liew, whose work's pictured above.  (Her website's here.)
     Think:  daily deliveries of delicious fresh macarrons.
     Think:  goodie bags for the first 50 customers each day, plus lots of daily prizes.
     Actually, don't think.
     Just get yourself there.

Bourjois Boutique, The Gallery, Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch, London E1 6LA
Follow Bourjois on Twitter for daily updates:  @bourjois_uk

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

REN gets X-rated!

     We know REN are all about skin.  Skin-CARE, of course.  (REN being Swedish for 'clean'.)
     So:  if you were a skincare brand celebrating its 11th birthday, would you put two naked bodies in a Swedish lake, and let nature take its course...?  And film it...?  And screen the 18-rated version on your website...?
     Gulp.  This is the result.  (Just in time for Valentine's Day.)  And not surprisingly, it's creating a bit of a Twitterstorm.  (We'd be interested in your responses:  mention @beauty_bible, so we can pick it up.)  To view the film, click here.  (Making sure the kids are out, first.)
     And the question on everyone's lips:  did they or didn't they...?
     But one thing's for certain:  clean it ain't...

Monday, 13 February 2012

Got a spot S.O.S.?

Your options, until now.
     1)  A paper bag.
     2)  Pawing and squeezing.  (A true beauty sin.)
     3)  Cancelling your date.
     But now there's another alternative: the Vaishaly High Frequency Emergency Breakout Treatment, available at the überfacialist's Paddington Street clinic:  a skin analysis, deep cleanse, high-frequency treatment and - crucially - expert extraction.  (Which is fine in the hands of a pro, actually.)
     It's available as a stand-alone 30-minute skin blitz, or as part of a longer Vaishaly Signature Facial.  And happily, since Vaishaly has trained her team to her famously exacting standards, appointments can be slotted in at short notice.
     Which is just as well.  Because by the time you get to the top of the waitlist to see Miss Magic Hands herself, any spot will be a faded memory.
     And any hot date will definitely have gone very, very cold.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Unmatchy-unmatchy glamour

Black and white is a classic bathroom combo.  (And, er, black towels are much more 'forgiving' than snow-white...!)
     We love the chunky his 'n' hers basins, the Eileen Grey metal table (an investment piece, for sure), the carefully-arrayed Diptyque...  But what really appeals to us here, though - this latest in fab Friday bathrooms, to inspire you to enjoy a relaxing soak over the weekend - is the choice of mirrors.
     If they'd been identical, this would have been too darned perfect.  The non-matching mirrors are the 'grit in the oyster', decor-wise.
     Thanks yet again to the Everything Fabulous blog - which really is, and which has been showcasing some wonderful interiors lately, prompting us to share this with you.
     Enjoy bubbling yourself into a state of bliss...

For Everything Fabulous, click here

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Yul love this...

If you're anywhere Chelsea's The Little Black Gallery between now and 11th February, do drop into this exhibition and drool over the photographs of Audrey Hepburn, Joan Collins, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren - not to mention Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and (seemingly) half of Hollywood.
     They were taken by Yul Brynner, most famous for his role in Rodgers & Hammerstein's The King & I - but who turns out to have been quite some photographer in his spare time.  Of his friends.  Who include the aforementioned stars.
     He is also, FYI, the cause of one of Jo's most embarrassing moments ever.  As a 19-year-old baby journalist on Woman's World magazine, she was dispatched to The London Palladium for a press conference for The King & I, with an assignment from her editor:  to stand up and ask Yul Brynner if it was true that bald men are sexier.
     She is still recovering from the embarrassment when he replied, in front of 200 journalists, 'Would you like me to show you...?'
     And rather regretting she didn't take him up on his offer, actually.
     Because who wouldn't have loved to have Yul's lens focused on her...?

Yul Brynner is at The Little Black Gallery, 13a Park Walk, London SW10 0AJ

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Thought for the day...

We like this.
     And it comes via an interesting source:  The ManKind Project, whose mission statement is 'Changing the world, one man at a time.'
     In other words, encouraging men out there to practice emotional intelligence and self-awareness, take personal responsibility, and live a 'life of service' (in other words, being kind and useful to others).
     We've heard a lot about grooming-obsessed metrosexuals, on the one hand.  And 'macho men', on the other.
     The Mankind Project believes there's another path, and sets out to 'redefine masculinity for the 21st Century'.
     We think that's a beautiful thing.
     But we don't think that just because we're women, that message doesn't apply.  It's true - and inspiring - whoever you are...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Foundation for foundation-phobes

Anne Carrullo is a beauty genius.
     Annie used to be the driving force behind the late-lamented Prescriptives brand - but is now Senior Vice-President of Global Product Development at Estée Lauder.
     So, what's the big deal?
     In a word, this.  Because Invisible Fluid Makeup was created after Lauder organised a series of 'Foundation Sensoriums', which revealed that countless real women had issues with foundation.  Mostly, that it felt 'heavy', claggy - skin-suffocating, even.  So what these women were looking for was 'clean', 'fresh', ultra-thin' and 'ultra-fluid'.
     Now, our Annie likes a challenge.  (BTW:  she could have a great career in stand-up, if beauty ever went pear-shaped on her.  Which it won't.)
     So, while we rarely focus on products on our Beauty Bible blog - that's what our website and our books are for - we do believe in sharing technological innovations, and this is a whole new concept:  an 'air emulsion'.  You have to shake it vigorously before use, to mix the pigments, and the complexion-perfecting light-reflective elements - but the result really is weightless, as well as luminous.
     They call it ''Feel No Makeup' - and take it from us, that's not just beauty hype.   
     Invisible Fluid Makeup makes its global - yes, global - debut at John Lewis right now.
     And we predict it's about to shake up the foundation world.


Monday, 6 February 2012

We declare this Mothers (& Daughters) Day...

And while you take a break from your day, we simply suggest that you check out Julia Fullerton Batten's wonderful, other-worldly photographic series on Trendland (including this moody Ladies Room shot).
     And try to imagine the 'story' behind each portrait.
     Makes for some fascinating musing.

Click here for more

Friday, 3 February 2012

A splash of colour

It's Friday.
     Also known as:  Be Inspired To Redecorate Your Bathroom Day, at Beauty Bible, where we share our favourite pampering spaces with you before the weekend.
     But this beautiful, simple room - which we encountered on the Everything Fabulous blog - just shows that you don't have to redecorate from scratch to zhoosh up your bathroom.
     Sure, we love the double basin and his 'n' hers mirrors.  But what brings this all-white space alive is the simple pink rug, and the yellow-and-red woven wastepaper basket.
     Zing!  Just gorgeous.
     Have a great one, from all of us at Beauty Bible Towers...

For Everything Fabulous, click here

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Did you know it's Repair Your Hair Day...?

Well, you do now.
     Apparently, research by Charles Worthington shows that on this particular day, there's a 35% rise in hair treatments sold, compared to any other in the year.
     At Beauty Bible, we have theories about this.
     First:  it's just been payday, and we can at last splash out on an 'affordable luxury'.     
     Second: if you're anything like us, whacking up the central heating to cope with this cold snap is taking its toll on your poor barnet.
     And last but not least:  Valentine's Day isn't far off, and that definitely better be a Good Hair Day, no...?
     So:  to celebrate Repair Your Hair day, a photo of lovely Charles Worthington himself, when he welcomed us into his glorious home in Chelsea to launch his Salon at Home range - including Strength & Repair Hair Kit:  a miracle-working three-step treatment which truly does turn dross into gloss, hair-wise.
     When it comes to hair repairs, he's quite some Mr. Fixit.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

It's a lipstick amnesty!

Exactly what are you slicking on your lips, pray...?
     If - like most women - it's a blend of petrochemicals, preservatives and artificial colourants, you may occasionally have thought about trading your lipsticks in for something more 'edible'.  
     Well, can we suggest that you make the most of a February-long opportunity to do exactly that...?
     Leading German natural brand Lavera are offering a Lipstick Amnesty throughout the month:  take your regular 'non-natural' lipstick along to any stockist, and you'll get 50% off their Beautiful Lips lipstick, making it just . (Think:  olive oil, cocoa butter, rose - and 10 shades.)
     Take your current lippie along to Whole Foods Kensington - or for a full list of participating natural food and beauty stores, visit Lavera Natural Skincare on Facebook - or click here.
     Should put a smile on your lips.  (And nothing 'nastier' than that.)