Wednesday, 1 February 2012

It's a lipstick amnesty!

Exactly what are you slicking on your lips, pray...?
     If - like most women - it's a blend of petrochemicals, preservatives and artificial colourants, you may occasionally have thought about trading your lipsticks in for something more 'edible'.  
     Well, can we suggest that you make the most of a February-long opportunity to do exactly that...?
     Leading German natural brand Lavera are offering a Lipstick Amnesty throughout the month:  take your regular 'non-natural' lipstick along to any stockist, and you'll get 50% off their Beautiful Lips lipstick, making it just . (Think:  olive oil, cocoa butter, rose - and 10 shades.)
     Take your current lippie along to Whole Foods Kensington - or for a full list of participating natural food and beauty stores, visit Lavera Natural Skincare on Facebook - or click here.
     Should put a smile on your lips.  (And nothing 'nastier' than that.)