Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Gel talk from O.P.I.

Beauty Bible had coffee with the glamorous Lena White last week:  nail guru, talon-spotter and the savvy manicurist-turned-businesswoman who introduced OPI nailcare to these shores, 29 years ago.
     Consequently, we are seriously excited about OPI's big news:  gel nails, which literally just launched in their Selfridges salon.
     Not just any old gel nails, mind.  A 'kinder' type that doesn't require acetone baths, for removal.  (That's what's put us off, up till now:  acetone can seriously trash the real nails, underneath.)  Indeed, you can even remove these gels at home, if you choose, rather than traipsing back to your manicurist.
     Though we predict you'll be happy to pay a return visit - after a full three weeks! - and have them done again.  A minute under the UV drier, and you're good to go.  (No more annoying dents or smudges as you wend your way home).
     Add to that a choice of 30 shades (see above - including top-selling classics like shimmery pale pink Princesses Rule and Malaga Wine).
     And we say:  gel manicures...?  Someone finally nailed them.

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