Tuesday, 14 February 2012

REN gets X-rated!

     We know REN are all about skin.  Skin-CARE, of course.  (REN being Swedish for 'clean'.)
     So:  if you were a skincare brand celebrating its 11th birthday, would you put two naked bodies in a Swedish lake, and let nature take its course...?  And film it...?  And screen the 18-rated version on your website...?
     Gulp.  This is the result.  (Just in time for Valentine's Day.)  And not surprisingly, it's creating a bit of a Twitterstorm.  (We'd be interested in your responses:  mention @beauty_bible, so we can pick it up.)  To view the film, click here.  (Making sure the kids are out, first.)
     And the question on everyone's lips:  did they or didn't they...?
     But one thing's for certain:  clean it ain't...