Friday, 10 February 2012

Unmatchy-unmatchy glamour

Black and white is a classic bathroom combo.  (And, er, black towels are much more 'forgiving' than snow-white...!)
     We love the chunky his 'n' hers basins, the Eileen Grey metal table (an investment piece, for sure), the carefully-arrayed Diptyque...  But what really appeals to us here, though - this latest in fab Friday bathrooms, to inspire you to enjoy a relaxing soak over the weekend - is the choice of mirrors.
     If they'd been identical, this would have been too darned perfect.  The non-matching mirrors are the 'grit in the oyster', decor-wise.
     Thanks yet again to the Everything Fabulous blog - which really is, and which has been showcasing some wonderful interiors lately, prompting us to share this with you.
     Enjoy bubbling yourself into a state of bliss...

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