Wednesday, 6 July 2011

You can't hold a candle to Roja (well, you can)

Roja Dove, Professeur de Parfums...  We are not worthy, we are not worthy...
     He's taught us more about fragrance than any other 'nose' we've met.
     He's helped to transform the fragrance landscape, reviving interest in niche brands at his Haute Parfumerie in Harrods.  (Any day now, we'll also have some other Big Scent News from Roja.)
     And now, he's launched the most divine scented candles ever to fragrance the air in the Beauty Bible offices.
     We'll grant you, they’re (slightly) an arm and a leg, price-wise – but we’ve found the scents waft so powerfully that after even a few minutes, these candles have pumped scent into a room’s furthest corners, and can be extinguished.  (The wax burns evenly for ‘at least 45 hours’, Roja promises - though, actually, we think that’s a serious understatement.)
     What we also very much like is the spiffy gold lid.  (That fluff that gathers on an unlit candle’s less-than-attractive, wouldn’t you agree…?)
     As for the scents themselves?  Our first love was Neroli, closely followed by Jasmine (both incredibly authentic).  But we’re also swooning for the more ‘grounding’ fragrances – Vetiver, Patchouli, Labdanum – which are generally harder to find in candle format. 
     And if the man in your life/house ever whinges about the girliness of scented candles, he might just – thanks to Roja – find those worthy.  Of a flicker of interest...