Monday, 18 July 2011

A really simple (clever) idea

Nowadays, cosmetics come 'date-stamped':  in teeny-tiny writing on the outer packaging, there's a little symbol on skincare (and make-up) which says how long a product will keep, after opening.
     The challenge is:  can any of us really remember...?
     Not us, for sure.  (Hard enough to keep up with the current flurry of birthdays, never mind when we first dipped a finger in an eye cream...)
     So, a clever suggestion from Real Simple - the very excellent US magazine and website, which is all about simplifying and organising and generally living a meaningful life.  (We're regular readers.)
     When you first use a product - foundation, moisturiser, mascara and more - affix a little sticker to the bottom and write the date on it.  That way you can track the month and year, and ditch products when they're past their 'use-by date'.
     We'd go further, suggesting that you also note down the number of months that a product's said to be good for by the manufacturers.
     Better safe than pink-eyed, eh...?

Real Simple is at