Thursday, 14 July 2011

Self-tanning: a laughing matter. (Official.)

In a sea of dreary press releases, sometimes there's one that really makes us smile.  Laugh out loud, even.  Oh, OK, then:  snort our decaf cappuccinos out of our nostrils...!
     The names of the tanning products from so-affordable Anatomicals did that for us, this week - so we thought we'd share with you the 'Tan Commandments' their PR company, Sparkle, sent to us.
     So: enjoy.  (Actually, the 'commandments' are jolly good in themselves, and worth following.)
     And to find Anatomicals Tanatomicals products themselves - including Because Only Bacon Should Be Streaky self-tanner - click on the link below.
     Us?  We're still mopping the desk.

Click here to find Tanatomicals on-line at