Tuesday, 12 July 2011

It's cocktail hour at Trevor Sorbie

Nothing like an iced cocktail on a hot summer's day.
     So we thought you ought to know that when you book any hair treatment at Trevor Sorbie's salons this summer, you'll be treated to a complimentary cocktail.  
     At Covent Garden, it's a Cosmopolitan.  Hampstead has a Martini on offer.  (Shaken or stirred?  It's up to you.)  In Manchester, you'll cool down with a Mojito.  And what else but a fruity Sea Breeze would be sip-tastic at Trevor Sorbie's Brighton salon...?
     Now, we're constantly encouraging readers to go for regular shine-boosting treatments.
     Just never thought of bribing you with alcohol.
     So:  clever Trevor.  (Though if you're teetotal, like Sarah, we're sure they'll mix you up a 'mocktail'.)