Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Don't just eat your greens. Apply them...!

Gotta show you this.  Never seen the like.  An entirely 'fresh' approach to anti-ageing, you could call it.
     What you do is buy a pot of Biotherm Skin.Ergetic Anti-Fatigue Concentrate.  Then, when you're ready to start using it, take off the original pipet/cap and screw on the 'broccoli' bit, which is contained in the white cap.
     Click the cap to release the potent botanicals, shake - and you're ready to apply this face-waking serum.  Actually, this D-I-Y 'booster element' features a powerful blend of active ingredients derived from botanicals:  not just broccoli, but apple cells, soy extract and some citrus-derived AHAs, for a formulation that's 99% natural.
     We have a hunch you'll be seeing more of these 'two-step' products, where you activate the actives yourself, to keep them fresh and maintain optimum potency.  
     Just remember:  you still find it in the beauty department, not on the fruit and veg counter.

At Biotherm counters or www.boots.com, by clicking here