Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dior fragrances' new look (and New Look)

It’s atomisers at dawn, at Selfridges. 
     Because just across from the Chanel Les Exclusifs fragrance boutique, Dior now have parried with their gorgeous Maison de Parfums, an echo of the House of Dior on Paris’s Avenue Montaigne. 
     The stars of the show can be discovered in La Collection Privée:  10 amazing scents, inspired by the fragrance house’s legendary heritage, from zestily fresh Milly-la-Forêt (as perfect an eau de Cologne as you’ll ever find), to the exquisite bouquet of white flowers that is 
New Look 1947.
     And if you’re bewildered by the selection, you can book in for a bespoke consultation to find your perfect Dior perfume.  One of their (delightfully scent-obsessed) expert consultants will lead you by the nose through phials of ingredients, ask you to share your favourite scents – and give you a secret ‘shortlist’ of spills, to smell.  Then you find out which Dior fragrances you'll most enjoy wearing...
     Having had it done, we’d say it’s pretty uncanny.
     Services are entirely complimentary, and include the Dior Mother and Daughter Fragrance Treat, Dior Brides Signature Fragrance Indulgence – and The Perfect Dior Fragrance Gift Discovery.  (We suggest booking the man in your life in for this, between now and Christmas.)  There’ll also be exclusive events for customers in the Selfridges department. 
     We have to say:  it’s scent heaven.  (And heaven-sent.)

To make an appointment for your consultation, call the counter 020-7318 3942.

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