Monday, 25 July 2011

Our man at Claridges…

David Downton is the artistic genius who’s so fabulously illustrated our Beauty Bibles since – well, the year dot.  We adore his work.  We’ve even saved up to buy a few David Downton originals for our own walls, over the years.  
     So we’d like to congratulate David on a spiffy new ‘gig’:  the first-ever ‘Fashion Artist in Residence’ at the überglamorous Claridges Hotel for a year.  David will be drawing some of their stellar guests, and the portraits will be displayed. 
     Erin O’Connor (pictured here) and the divine seventysomething supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice have already dropped in to clink glasses and offer their congratulations.  We’d like to add ours.
     In fact, we’re very much hoping David will invite us up to his suite, to see his etchings.
     Literally, in this case…

David Downton's website is, or click here