Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Face Time with Brooke Shields

We don’t mind if you’re (occasionally) unfaithful.
     There are some terrific blogs out there, and we consider it our duty to alert you to interesting postings.
     One that’s worth watching, we think, is the New York Times’s ‘T’ Magazine blog, which includes occasional Face Time interviews with, yes, famous faces.  It’s basically an on-line snoop through their bathroom cabinet/make-up bag, with beauty philosophy and health wisdom thrown in.
     We were definitely taken with this interview with Brooke Shields (by Tina Turnbow, who also took the picture).  Beautiful woman, Brooke.
     Think she's a little, um, overdone, here...?
     That's because she's made up as Morticia Addams, for The Addams Family Musical, on Broadway.  (A rather over-excited Jo has tickets for this in October, when she'll be in New York herself.)  Brooke talks about how spinning, yoga and dancing keep her in shape.  'Then there is this workout routine called "being in a Broadway show"', she adds, 'which is the best workout ever.'  (Not one we're ever likely to be able to try, alas.)
     Brooke also lets on that she's a fan of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.  And lots more.  And there's a run-down of make-up must-haves, should you wish to recreate the rather wonderful, uber-vampy Morticia 'look', yourself.
     Faithfully, of course...

To read Face Time, click here