Monday, 11 July 2011

Have an Appy picnic

     Grab your SPF and head outdoors.  
     Because we believe that all food tastes better outside, we want to tell you about this fab Great British Picnics iPhone App - free to download - which has almost everything you need for the perfect picnic.  Except the food.  (And even then, there are recipes for Blanket Banquets.)
     You'll be pointed in the direction of Great British Picnic Spots, from family feasts to romantic retreats.  (You can also upload your own recommendations.)
     At the swipe of a finger, you can check on the weather.
     There's a Farm Shop Finder, so you can pick up the freshest local bits and pieces on the way.  And much, much more...
     So:  now who says life's no picnic?

Find the Great British Picnics App at the iTunes Store - just click here