Wednesday, 13 July 2011

How to find your nearest facial. (And blow-dry.)

Ever been stuck in un unfamiliar city and needed a blow-dry?
     Arrived in Cornwall and realised, to your horror:  you just didn't get round to that bikini wax...?
     Or simply wanted to find out which hair/beauty/spray tan salons are when you're travelling?  (Or, come to that, what may be around the corner from your home/office that you didn't know about...)
     mylocalsalon is a free App with an easy-to-use interface which lets iPhone or iPad users track down beauty treatments.  It's not 100% comprehensive, but it's certainly a starting point, when you're on unfamiliar territory.  (New locations are being added all the time, we're told.)
     And a definite bonus:  when you do find a salon, you can book via the App.  So there's no need for your entire commuter train carriage to hear you fixing a time for your Brazilian...

Find it at the iTunes store here

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