Monday, 20 June 2011

We're in (wander)lust...

We're pretty picky about hotels.  (Don't get us started, actually.)  But here's something that should appeal not only to our greener readers (the legions of you with a copy of The Green Beauty Bible on your beauty bookshelf), but to all eco-conscious travellers out there.
     Next time you're in Amsterdam (and can there be a healthier city, so easy to cycle and walk around?), check out Conscious Hotels.  Well, check into a Conscious Hotel, is our advice.  (There are two locations:  Vondelpark - a short, easy tram-ride from the centre - and Museum Square.)
     As Jo just discovered, the décor's divine.  But it's also as eco as it gets:  organic bedlinen (and breakfasts), a table made out of recycled coffee cubs, sustainable wood, clean, bright and inviting.  And that's even before you've sunk into the eco-mattress (from Coco-Mat):  blissful layers of natural latex, coconut fibre and seaweed.  (Yes, seaweed.)  And there's free WiFi.  As Conscious Hotels say, 'Everything has been designed to be kind to the planet.'  (Well, maybe not the WiFi, but hey...)
     Most importantly, the staff are as welcoming and friendly as you could wish for.
     So:  tulips, chips with mayonnaise, great vintage stores, fantastic walks, accessible by train.  Now you can add Conscious Hotels to the list of very good reasons to visit Amsterdam.
     To misquote The Terminator:  'We'll be back'.