Friday, 17 June 2011

This Friday's soak star

You're probably getting the idea by now:  we heart bathrooms.  And for sure we fantastise about stumbling upon a capacious copper tub in an architectural salvage yard, to recreate a space like this.  
     But here's what we're loving, in this shot (sourced via Australia's very lovely, very girly Honey and Fizz blog, which you can click to below). These are ideas to steal even if you have a plain old enamel tub chez vous...
     A neutral rag rug.
     A stool, handily placed near the bath, for unguents/muslin cloths or your book.  Heck, it's Friday:  maybe even a glass of wine.
     A distressed, capacious bathroom cabinet (you can pick these up for a song), to hide all manner of lotions and potions.  Mirror, ditto.
     And hydrangeas-a-go-go.
     As we say in the beauty business, it's just 'gorge'.

Find Honey and Fizz here.