Monday, 27 June 2011

The most beautiful day of your life - only more so

     We couldn't agree more with Bobbi's wedding make-up philosophy, above.  So anyone getting married this summer - might want to shimmy along to your nearest Bobbi Brown counter for a complimentary bridal make-up lesson.
     Ditto if you're mother-of-the-bride, or sister-of-the-bride.  (NB  Although they're not saying quite who, Bobbi Brown's office have 'fessed up that their talented make-up pros whisked their brushes over members of April's Royal Wedding party.)
    You can locate your nearest Bobbi Brown counter below, where you can .  Alternatively, log on to the website for Bobbi's Bridal Beauty Tips: so-practical, so-gorgeous, makes-you-look-like-you-only-prettier advice, which is Bobbi's signature.  (And the reason we love her.)  In addition to that wisdom, there are also four Timeless Bridal Looks which you can print out.
     Our advice?  Just 'I do' it.

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