Thursday, 2 June 2011

Plum gorgeous

A fragrance isn't the product you'd automatically think a make-up pro would launch as her debut signature product.  But since Mary Greenwell's trick as a make-up artist was always to spritz the supermodels with scent as a last gesture before dispatching them to 'Vogue' it in front of the camera, it's actually quite logical.  (Mary was virtually make-up-pro-in-residence for Cindy, Christy, Naomi etc., during the 80s, and there's barely a famous face she hasn't whisked her brushes over, since those heady days).
     Plum - as Jo raved on her Scent Critic blog (which you can read here) - is one of the most beautiful fragrance launches in years.  An exquisite, rich, heady floral chypre, it's a true classic-in-the-making.  So today, we're pleased to announce the unveiling of Mary Greenwell's brand new website, which features Mary's story, plenty of Mary's covers (including lots of the late Princess of Wales, who became a friend) - plus the tale of Plum, which you can buy on-line.
     Coming soon:  tutorials, so sign up NOW...!
     Although as you know, Mary, what we're really waiting for is make-up.  Your make-up, based on all those years in the wings on some of the greatest shoots in fashion history.  And your understanding of women's faces, and how we really, really want to look.
     Pretty please...?