Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sophie's looking good, feeling better...

We want to tell you about the most wonderful blog.  And we want you to point anyone you know who's facing the challenge of a cancer diagnosis in the direction of Sophie Feels Better, too.
     Just the other day, this blog - by 31-year-old Sophie Beresiner, of Look Magazine - won the best blog category in the P&G Beauty Awards 2011.  (And Jo, who was shortlisted for her own blog The Scent Critic, couldn't be happier about being knocked into runner-up position by Sophie.)
     Sophie Feels Better will make you laugh.  It'll make you cry.  It is a fount of wisdom, insight and advice into dealing with cancer treatment itself (for instance, avoid your favourite foods when you're on specific days of your treatment, as any nausea may put you off them forever).
     But also, Sophie tackles all the beauty challenges cancer and its treatment presents (hair/eyebrow/lash/skin issues), with tell-it-like-it-is advice from someone who's lucky enough to be able to tap into a lot of expert wisdom, a lot of products - and has figured out what really works.  On last Saturday's posting, for instance, she goes wig-shopping with Trevor Sorbie, who's set up his own charity, My New Hair, and has trained 380 stylists nationwide to offer a wig-counselling/cutting service.
     So:  Beauty Bible salutes Sophie.  Brave, beautiful, brilliant - and simply blogtastic...

For Sophie's blog, click here
For info about My New Hair and salon locations, click here
For info about Look Good, Feel Better (who organise make-up workshops for cancer patients nationwide), click here