Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tales from The Powder Room

Next time you and your girliest girlfriends are looking for a treat-ette, we have a suggestion.  The Powder Room.  Actually, there are two:  in Marshall Street (Soho), and Columbia Road (Shoreditch).  With their chequered floors, pink-uniformed make-up experts, 50s chairs/mirrors and reclaimed shop fittings, The Powder Rooms are pure boudoir chic.
     They offer speedy hairdos, application of luscious false lashes, an 'In a Jiffy Make-up' option - and for those evenings when you can't get home before a London night out, you can be expertly refreshed, beautified and primped for the evening ahead, for just £30.  You might even want to get in the mood with a Powderpuff Bellini, served in a vintage cup, for a fiver.  (Soho only.)  Or if you've 90 minutes to spare, why not book in for a Make-up or Hair Tricks of the Trade session...?
     Oh, and did we say they're a treasure trove of girly beauty finds, with make-up by Paul & Joe and Dianne Brill, among others, to shop for...?
     Just one last thing.  If you're planning a 'hen' do, or a special event with girlfriends, The Powderpuff Girls will turn up with their team of immaculately-turned out make-up artists, hairstylists and massage therapists.  (For more info, use the contacts below.)
     Girly, gorgeous, glamorous.  Go, go, go...!  (With your girliest girlfriend, we'd recommend.)
The Powder Room (Soho):  0844-879 4928
The Powder Room (Shoreditch):  020-7729 1365