Friday, 24 June 2011

Pampering pink perfection

This is where we wish we could be bathing this weekend.
     We dig the Rob Ryan-style 'silhouette'-framed mirror.  The shelves (easy to copy, these), with birdcage and fluffy towel stack.  The vintage caned chair, given a white coat of paint.  And the classical beauty, framed above the fireplace.  (In winter, we fantasise about lighting a crackling fire in the grate, to towel-dry in front of.  Following all the usual Health & Safety guidelines, naturellement.
     The pink walls, meanwhile, are clever:  did you know you'll always look prettier in a pink room - not just a bathroom - because it gives a flattering glow to the complexion...?
     What all our favourite Friday bathrooms - of which this is the latest in a l-o-n-g sequence - seem to have in common, meanwhile, is a fabulous old tub.  If you've been inspired by our watery weekend musings to revamp your bathroom, we point you in the direction of Salvo, the on-line resource for architectural salvage, who always have a fantastic list (available from various reclamation yards around the country).  We found examples from just £140.
     Just add cost of delivery.  Pipework/taps (we can't recommend Lefroy Brooks too highly - also beloved of hotelier Olga Polizzi).
     And, of course, the sweet-talking of a friendly plumber...
Lefroy Brooks - click here

PS  The image is from a favourite blog, The Decorista.  Check it out here, or follow via Bloglovin - which is how we follow all our top blogs...