Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Real clothes for real women

     Strange-but-true:  we don't love clothes-shopping.  Find it overwhelming to navigate most department stores.  And are always relieved when someone with a great eye does the leg-work for us.
     So for the past few seasons, Jo's shopping dreams have been answered by a pair of Hastings-and-St. Leonard's-based style-seekers who've gone out and edited down the collections, staging 'pop-up' fashion shows and travelling boutiques almost on her doorstep.
     Which is fine if you live by the seaside, near Jo.
     The good news?  Who's Wearing What (as they're known) now has a website.  So that wherever you, are you can access their hand-picked ranges, including Ella Moda's easy-wear linens, Innocente's tailoring (from an up-and-coming discovery), Ochre (cotton and cashmere), Sur le Dos des Filles (fab bamboo/organic leisurewear) - plus fab accessories and jewellery.  (The sort of pieces that have friends drooling:  'Where did you get that...?')
     That's just a taster of the labels.  So we suggest that if you're weary of wearing out your shoe leather trying to find clothes that are stylish but not fashion victim-y, you might like to put your feet up and discover Who's Wearing What, instead.