Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Become a NARSissist!

This is really a bit of fun.  Before you log on to the new website from make-up maestro François Nars, we suggest you reach for your brushes.       Follow the link here.  Then sign up to the Nars Facebook page - and after those simple steps, you can have a go at recreating the 'looks' from this international make-up guru which feature on his site.  
     If you're pleased with the results, you might even try uploding your own photos.  (Though be aware:  François isn't Bobbi Brown, and his looks are generally edgy, a little 'out there', and play well with our younger readers, we find.)
     There are 'points' to be earned for uploading your versions of his different looks:  more looks = more points.  What's more, our American readers (but not, alas, us Brits) can win fabulous prizes.  
     The smokey eyes, the bold lips, the don't-mess-with-me brows are all based on the Nars make-up manual, Makeup Your Mind (which our New York-based pal Karen Moline helped with).  At the very least, it's fun to go through the pictures and see how other women interpret these Nars looks, and you can even vote on them should you feel so inclined.
     As it's half-term in the UK this week, we'd definitely suggest telling any bored teenage girls in your house about this.  
     Though you might want to lock up your own make-up bag, first.

Makeup Your Mind:  Express Yourself is available via Amazon, if you click here.