Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A new style of scented candle...

We're always happy to have scented candles in little round pots, flickering on the mantelpiece.  Oh, yes.
     But here's a rather chic alternative, from Lyn Harris of Miller Harris (who's also rather chic, as it happens).  They're made by one of the oldest artisan candle makers in the world, who've been producing pillar candles for the Church for centuries.
     Unlike the plain wax type you'd light in a cathedral, however, these are exquisitely infused with Lyn's Bois Fumé fragrance:  all smoky birch and black tobacco, with subtly spicy undertones and the woodsiness of cedar, vetiver and sandalwood.  The candles have been lightly dipped, so the scent's subtle and won't clash with your cuisine.   And as Lyn notes, 'Candle light is as flattering to a room as perfume is to a person.'
     We're drawing up a guest list already.

Find them at Miller Harris, 21 Bruton Street, London W1J 6QD