Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Fresh way to enjoy fragrance

Do you know Fresh's fragrances?  We rather think you should, even though (for now) this fabulous Fresh Fragrance Bar is only available at one UK location (on Marylebone High Street).  But there are others, around the world - including Santa Monica (above), photographed by Jo on a recent trip to L.A.  Keep your eyes peeled, travellers.  (And your nostrils poised.)
     Bottles are filled on the spot with one of five Fresh bestsellers.  There's fresh-as-a-dewy-morning Cucumber Baie (with notes of watermelon, cucumber pulp, velvet amber).  Pear Cassis (an early predecessor to the new 'wave' of pear fragrances out there:  juicy but rose-lush, too).  Tobacco Caramel is more mysterious, sensual, warm.  (Best for winter, we'd say).  We very much like Violet Moss - powdery, intriguingly earthy floral - but our inner hippie truly thrills to Patchouli Pure, woodsy and spicy and with lashings of patchouli incense.
     Even more intriguing, Fresh recommend 'layering' the scents, so you can create a truly customised combo - and at £16.50 for a 15 mlbottle (filled before your very eyes), whyever not...?

Fresh, 92 Marylebone High Street, London W1U 4RD/020-7486 4100
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