Monday, 23 May 2011

Hail to the 'Brow Queen'...

At Beauty Bible, our longstanding brow advice has been:  get your brows professionally shaped, then do the upkeep at home.  (That's what we've always done.)  But then we get asked:  how do I find a great brow-shaper...?  So this is what you need to know:  Benefit now have 27 brow bars in the UK, 10 in Ireland - and a dozen Benefit boutiques where brow-shaping/waxing/tinting services are offered from qualified pros.
     And while we're talking pros, the woman in the picture above is Benefit's 'Brow Queen' (or rather, Benefit Global Brow Expert and Master Aesthetician, to accord Hilary Foote her full title), who touched down in London, tweezers in hand, to celebrate the success of the Benefit Brow Bars by...  well, by waxing Jo's brows!  (Though Jo's already a convert, having nipped into the Benefit Covent Garden store for brow-shaping on many previous occasions.)
     The great tip that Hilary shared with us, for brow-shaping at home?  'Draw your perfect brow in really, really dark, with a brown or even a black pencil.  Then pluck the hairs outside that.  Makes it much easier to get the shape.'
     Budding Audrey Hepburns, you have been told.  

For Benefit's Store Locator,, visit, or click here.