Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Shall I compare thee... to an iPhone App?

In general, we're not big on beauty comparisons.  In fact, at Beauty Bible, we celebrate all different kinds of beauty.  (Which is why we signed up to Psychologies Magazine's Positive Beauty Manifesto, a couple of weeks ago - which you can read more about here.)
     And yet, and yet...  We couldn't help be a little intrigued by this new App based on serious scientific studies from the University of Toronto, which show that our 'perception' of beauty is related to feature symmetry.  What you do is upload a photo of yourself (or anyone, actually), and the App measures critical factors (hairline, eyes, chin), and gives a ranking out of 10.
     Just don't take it too seriously.   But as a harmless piece of fun, a party game...?  You should be able to download it for free using a special code via their Facebook page, below.
     But as a PS, we'd just like to add:  nobody's perfect.  And Jo definitely isn't taking personally its verdict on her wonky nose and less-than-symmetrical eyes, the legacy of a childhood squint...

For Beauty Check's Facebook page and that free code, click here
For the Beauty Check iTunes page click here (NB  It's 59p without the code - and to be honest, not sure we'd pay that...)
And last but not least, for the YouTube Trailer, click here