Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday's bathroom swoon

It being Friday, here's the latest in a line of bathrooms lusted-after by the Beauty Bible team, courtesy of the excellent Sacramento Street blog that we often surf off to when in need of a little 'lift'.
     We're digging the metal lockers.  (What a way to organise your beauty swag!)  We're rather loving the rag rug, not to mention the chandelier.  Let's not overlook the stack of books, for (careful) in-tub reading.
     And as for the vintage leather armchair?  Interestingly, a couple of weeks ago Jo spotted an almost identical pair in a store called Eras of Style, in St. Leonards-on-Sea (near her Hastings home), and is now rather kicking herself for not snapping them up.
     But overall, they definitely add up to the kind of space we'd love to soak in.  What about you...?