Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mama Mio! This is quite a way to win £1000...

Beauty Bible spent much of the Easter weekend on a beach.  In England. Watching it all hang out, as it were.  Blimey...!
     But seriously:  what's your summer confidence factor?  Because fab bodycare (and now skincare) brand Mama Mio might just give you a £1000 Kuoni voucher (not to mention some fab Mama Mio products) if you tell them.
     Right now, they're running the Mama Mio Summer Confidence Challenge.  Simply click on the link below and share with them your Summer Confidence Factor (out of 50), in a little on-line five-question quiz, to be entered for this so-fabulous draw.  Yup, it's almost that simple.  (You also have to take the poll again, at the end of summer, so they can compare results.)
     Our personal confidence rating...?  22/50, as it happens, after taking the challenge.  Definitely an all-in-one cossie rating, rather than a mini-kini number...!

Click here for the Summer Confidence Challenge challenge at