Monday, 9 May 2011

Stop trying to relax...

     ...  If you're trying to have a baby, that is.
     'Just relax' is the stock advice, isn't it, for women who inexplicably can't have a baby?  Well, author Genevieve Morton was so sick of being told to do just that when trying to conceive that she sat down to write Bump & Grind:  The AZ Survival Guide for every woman in that boat.  Half health manual, half in the style of a Cosmo-esque quiz, it's by someone who's been there, done that and cooed wistfully over the newborn-size t-shirt.
    Covering everything from the top 10 fertility superfoods to the effects of stress on infertility (and how to tell the boss you're TTC - Trying To Conceive), we like its empathetic style and sound advice from someone who knows.  And whose infertility journey had a happy ending:  when she stopped trying to relax, along came Rafferty.
     So if you're wanting a baby and it's just not happening, there are worse ways to spend a few hours than relaxing with this book, which is published by White Ladder Press, price £12.99.
     Er, did we just tell you to relax...?