Friday, 13 May 2011

It's 'Bathroom Friday'. (Again.)

It's becoming a little Friday tradition at the Beauty Bible Blog to share with you a bathroom that's caught our fancy.  That's because we think there's no better retreat from the world, for most women, than to close the door, run the taps and wallow.
     So:  here's the latest bathroom where we'd be happy to spend an hour or two submerged beneath fragrant waters with a book.  Check out the eclectic framed pictures (some watery-themed), the over-sized tub, the shiny silver ice bucket reincarnated as a plant pot.  (Not to mention the Jo Malone and Acqua di Parma unguents.)
     It's an image we came across on Lonny, the brilliant on-line home décor magazine that you ought to know about.  And which we'd read in the bath, probably, if we weren't at risk of getting our iPads wet.  (And possibly electrocuting ourselves.)
     You've got to admit:  there's still a lot to be said for paper.