Friday, 4 November 2011

A warming winter wallow

We actually know someone with a bath like this, in a painstakingly-restored and decidedly wonky 14th century house.  (He's a stylist, FYI.) He has discreet taps that fill the metal tub - although even so, we're not sure how comfy a soak it offers.  (Found this on Slices of Beauty, meanwhile.)
     What we do like here, though - our latest BF (Bathroom Friday) offering to you - is the crackling log fire.  Long for one of those, to keep us all toasty, post-bathing.
     And the stool.  Ideal to keep a book, a tub of scrub, even a glass of wine within reach.
     Something to plan, for the weekend?
     Have a lovely one...

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