Monday, 7 November 2011

Make-up’s last chance saloon

Longing for a lost Lauder lipstick…?  Sobbing over a discontinued shade from Estée’s signature brand…?  Thinking wistfully of a foundation from the aforementioned make-up line that you basically can’t live without…?  Or wondering what on earth you’re going to do now that the skincare you’ve relied on has been trumped by a new ‘improved’ version…?
     Well, before you go into a total decline, we’ve one last suggestion that might just help you track down a much-loved product/shade/skin treat that’s disappeared into the ether.  Don’t tell a soul, but Estée Lauder has a Gone But Not Forgotten service, which scours their warehouses for Lauder stock. 
     Just call, and the Estée elves get busy sleuthing down any remaining items they may have tucked away after a product’s been withdrawn.
     We’re not making any promises.  And we’d hate you to be disappointed.  Plus:  the chances are obviously higher with products that have only recently disappeared from the Lauder counter, rather than those from dim and distant make-up history.
     But really, what have you got to lose by calling them – except your pallor/stubby lashes/fine lines…?

Estée Lauder Gone But Not Forgotten – call Customer Service on 0800-074 6905