Tuesday, 8 November 2011

It's a Festival of Facials!

We love a good facial.
     Note:  we love a good facial.
     What we at Beauty Bible don't love at all are superficial facials (where the therapist's hands do little more than tickle the skin), which have us wanting to leap off the couch, throw off our origami-ed towels and head screaming for the door.
     So, the challenge:  how to find a good facialist...?
     You could go by word of mouth.
     Or you could go by the rollcall of fabulous therapists currently starring in Urban Retreat's Festival of Facials, on the 5th Floor at Harrods.
     There are treatments from NuBo, Carol Joy, Beauty Lab and Omorovicza all taking place over various weeks up to 24th December. (Hmmm:  quite who has time for a facial on 24th December, we're not sure;  we're rather more likely to be steaming our faces over pans of red cabbage, as per usual.)
     But perhaps the cameo appearance on the facialist roster that we're most excited about is the uber-gifted Antonia Burrell (you can read about Jo's facial with her here), who'll be in residence from 21st - 28th November.
     To book, call below.
     And maybe this will the year you arrive at the office party looking radiant and glowing, rather than ravaged and washed out...

To book, call 020-7893 8333 or visit www.urbanretreat.co.uk