Thursday, 10 November 2011

Meet Bloggy Brown!

We’re sure you can imagine how much we’re looking forward to having breakfast tomorrow with one of our all-time make-up heroes, 
Bobbi Brown, on a rare visit to the UK.
     But as a consolation for the fact that sightings of Bobbi on these fair shores are so infrequent, we’ve basically been stalking her every move on her new blog, Everything Bobbi (which we’ve also added to our ‘blogroll’ of fave sites, right).
     It has tips.  And wisdom.  (Which Bobbi has in spades.)  And showcases real, inspiring women that Bobbi encounters;  Bobbi shares our philosophy that you don’t have to be a supermodel to be 
fah-bu-lous.  So we especially love her inspiring ‘Diverse Beauty’ section, spotlighting women of all shapes/sizes/races/ages.
(Because my, do we wish there was more of that around...)  
     She calls it:  'A blog based on truth, beauty and being amazing' - and it feels almost like sitting next to her over a latte and a muffin
     Though we’ll report back after tomorrow when we’ve done just that, of course...