Thursday, 3 November 2011

Did you oversleep this morning...?

Well, if you overslept on Monday, you had a great excuse:  it was National Sleep-in Day.  (Who knew...?)  But with the clocks going back, there's really no excuse not to be a little brighter and chirpier in the a.m., at the moment.
     However, a good night's sleep always helps.  In fact, there is, as we constantly witter on, no better beauty aid than shut-eye - so we are indebted to our mate Kathy Phillips (Vogue beauty guru extraordinaire) for making it just a little easier to catch those zzzzzs with her new This Works Sleep range.
     Infused with aromatherapeutic lavender - the classic waft-you-sleepwards herb - and vetiver (a wonderfully grounding essential oil, a.k.a. 'oil of tranquility') - there are four slumber-inducing products: Deep Sleep Bath Soak, a Sleep Balm, Pillow Spray and the beyond-divine Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle.
     What price a good night's sleep?  Beyond pearls, naturally, but since there's nothing over £22, we think it's pretty dreamily-priced.
     In fact - sorry, were we yawning there...? -  we simply can't wait for bedtime, ourselves.