Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Pukka way to massage your face

Yesterday, we told you about a rather fab festival of facials.
     But if you're anything like us, with a too-busy life, a salon facial is generally relegated to the realms of:  Dream.  On.  Darling.
     But to celebrate the launch of their rather fab, chic-packaged skincare, Pukka Ayurveda (famed for their herbal remedies and delicious teas) told us about a super-effective facial massage that's easy to do.  Right now.  At your desk.
     Click here and you'll be taken to the page with full instructions on how massaging different points on the face can have a (trust us) near-miraculous effect at restoring vibrancy and glow, relieving stress or getting you back into balance when life feels out of whack.
     We've said this before - and we'll say it again - but facial massage really is a key anti-ageing secret, too.  (Probably our No. 1 age-defying beauty tip, actually.)  And this is as clear a guide as we've ever seen.
     Meanwhile, do click around to check out the skincare, while you're there.
     You can get to the home page, here, too.
     (Only shouldn't that be the 'Om' page...?)

For Pukka Herbs skincare, click here