Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Enjoy a day of good scents

Some of you may know that Jo is somewhat 'scent obsessed'.  And even writes a perfume blog, The Scent Critic.          
     So if you're as much of a 'fragranceaholic' as Jo is, you might want to know about a special day being organised by The School of Life (the rather wonderful venue/college set up by philospher Alain de Botton near Gray's Inn, in Central London).  A Day of Good Scents includes a little scent 'walkabout' led by futurologist Dr. Morgaine Gaye, and sessions with Dr. George Dodd (a fascinating 'smell scientist'), Sissel Tolaas - an internationally-renowned 'odor theorist and smell missionary'...  (Click on the tinted words to read more about each of them.)
     Oh, and Jo herself will be hosting an afternoon session, leading you on an olfactory exploration that uses scent to help you delve deep into your memory and imagination.  Her session will also explain how a very simple daily exercise, carried out for a few weeks, can actually help turbo-charge your sense of smell permanently!
     Ticket prices are £150 for the whole day to include all activities, catering and getting from A to B during the 'scented walkabout'.  It all adds up to a truly fascinating, sense-drenching day, and Jo hopes to see you there.
     And maybe smell you...!