Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pale and very interesting

Suddenly, we're all about Christmas.  (Well, Sarah's not:  she's jetting off to Australia tomorrow on hols.  For which those of us left behind will try, grudgingly, to forgive her.)
     Since mirrors, however, come under the beauty 'umbrella' (er, try putting on your make-up without one), we're showcasing some rather stunning examples here from another new website, Pale & Interesting.
    In fact, it's the website of a glorious new shop in Rye (but a mascara wand's throw from Jo, actually) which has been opened by uberstylist Atlanta Bartlett.  Atlanta has written many a glorious interiors book that we're sure you've seen.  (Think:  The Relaxed Home, At Home With White - and Pale & Interesting.  Which means this is actually the website of the book of the shop...)
     Pale & Interesting (the site) has really lovely things.  Even with our powers of description, we can't put it much better than that:  sparkly tealights, divine cushions, glasses we have our eye on for the Christmas table - and the aforementioned mirrors.  Everything, in general, is pale (white, dove grey, with splashes of colour).  And yes, interesting.
     We cannot recommend a cyber-mooch too highly.
     Or better still, a visit to the real-world shop., 96 The High Street, Rye,
TN29 9TL/01797-344077