Monday, 5 March 2012

Teal tales (in aid of ovarian cancer research)

Teal is one of the hot nail colours du jour.  
     And this month, OPI's Teal The Cows Come Home delivers a little extra feel-good factor:  £1 from the sale of each bottle of this gorgeous shimmering turquoise will go towards Ovarian Cancer Awareness.  This is an illness which is very often misdiagnosed (or even undiagnosed, until it's advanced, which is why ovarian cancer used to be known as 'the silent killer...') 
     Ovarian cancer support network Ovacome also just launched their BEAT campaign:  a useful acronym to help identify symptoms.  ('B' is for bloating that's persistent and doesn't come and go;  'E' is for eating less and feeling fuller;  'A' is for abdominal pain that you feel most days, and 'T' is for:  Talk to your GP.) 
     Find the special bottles of Teal The Cows Come Home at John Lewis or Selfridges or directly from
     Even if you're not brave enough to paint it onto your fingernails then it's an instantly cheering shade for toes.  Cocooned as they still are under Wolfords.  What we would say is that while we never usually advise painting daring shades like this on fingernails if you're over, oh, about twenty-three, it does give out the message:  I care about this, a bit like a red AIDS awareness ribbon...
     And about that quid?  Every little helps towards the cause.  (And you get to show your fingers - or at the very least, those toes - are on fashion's pulse.)