Thursday, 15 March 2012

Campaigning for a bald Barbie

Just want to add our voices to a rather wonderful campaign.
     Now, we're big fans of Barbie.  (At least, Jo is:  she owned one of the first-ever Mattel dolls, thanks to her New York-based grandparents.)
     Over the years we've watch the world's No. 1 doll morph through many incarnations.  Rock Star Barbie.  Hawaiian Barbie. Rocket Scientist Barbie.  (OK, we're making that one up...)
     But the one we want to see right now is Bald Barbie.  Yes, really.
     We have many, many friends who have lost their hair over the years, either through chemo or alopecia.  So we're totally behind the campaign organised by Jane Bingham (who lost her hair through chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma) and her friend Beckie Sypin (whose own daughter lost her hair) to persuade Mattel to produce a doll that can be given to children struggling with hair loss after treatment.
     It could be produced, they suggest, with a range of accessories such as wigs and scarves.  (And it can be done:  Jane and Beckie were inspired when Mattel produced 'customised' bald barbies for two individual child cancer sufferer.)
     So far, Mattel's resisting the pressure.  But we've signed the petition at to persuade Mattel to go for it.  (And wouldn't it be nice if they also used the doll to help raise funds...?
     Will you join us...?

Sign the e-petition here