Thursday, 29 March 2012

End this salon scandal!

We're horrified.
     As most of you know, we're all for sustainability in the beauty industry. So naturally, we were appalled to discover that 70% of salons and spas in the Birmingham area are throwing away glass, plastic, card and paper, with the rest of their trash.
     Though the study only covered the Midlands, we've a hunch it applies to the rest of the country, too.  Indeed, it's estimated that each year, as much as 43 million litres of recyclable waste are headed straight from salons to landfill.
     And even when some salons do recycle, it's down to the efforts of their own staff, who take waste to recycling bins themselves.  (Illegal, in some places.  Though commendable, as far as we're concerned...!)
     Three cheers, then, for BeautyRecycled:  a non-profit campaign started by beauty therapists in the Midlands who are as outraged as we are.  They've put together a 'pink to green' pack which outlines how spas and salons can recycle.
     What Beauty Bible is asking you to do is put pressure on the hairdressers, the beauty salons and spas that you visit to do more to recycle.  And sign up to BeautyRecycled.
     Currently, the situation's rubbish.  But if we all join together to help bring out change, that would be a beautiful thing indeed.
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