Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Give a Helping Hand (Wash)

Love it when this happens.
     Initial supplies of Trilogy's Helping Hand Wash - which raises funds for Child's i-Foundation - sold out, you see.
     Happily, they've got their - er, hands - on further supplies.  And so can you.
     It's the latest in a series of 'beauty-gives-back' projects that Beauty Bible applauds.  All net proceeds from this wash go to the Foundation, which runs projects for abandoned babies and vulnerable mums in Uganda, placing children in loving homes.  (Have a look at the website, here. We kinda defy you not to well up.)
     You've got to hand it to Trilogy for this simple, effective idea.
     Not to mention the simple, effective product.

Find it at www.lovelula.com if you click here