Wednesday, 14 March 2012

For all you birds of paradise...

Regular Beauty Bible followers will know that teal lips and white eyebrows really aren't our thang.
     But we've always had a sneaking admiration for followers of Illamasqua make-up, who basically consider themselves walking works of art.  (And they are!)
     Well, Illamasqua - now owned by Joe Corre, who's the child of Vivienne Weswood and Malcolm McLaren - has a brand new website with some extraordinary how-to videos.  There's everything from 'Galaxy' nails to their BMX Warrior look (think Leigh Bowery-meets-Marie Antoinette) - which are works of art in themselves...
     And what we would say is that in amidst the kingfisher eyeshadows, the peacock-feather-esque false lashes, the violet blusher and the forest green lipsticks (you've got to love a shade called Apocalips!), there are some seriously wearable 'finds'.  We're raving, for instance, about their new Neutral Palette, which could become the Little Black Dress mainstay of anyone's make-up bag.
     Illamasqua is fun.  It's frivolous.  Just think of it as Dali does make-up, rather than Bobbi Brown.  And besides, wouldn't it be boring if everyone was the same...?